Valerie J (Young) Parker

Valerie J (Young) Parker

Senior PE, Intel Network and Edge (NEX)

Valerie continuously pushes Intel to go beyond where Intel is today.  Interests include data driven end to end systems, reduction in energy consumption and sustainability. 

Valerie was one of the pioneers for data plane packet processing both in Network/Vector processing and Multi-core. She delivered real time virtualization targeting low latency applications such as the Layer 1 in a cellular Radio Acess Network (RAN).  She drove the initial vRAN full stack, to meet performance/watt demanded by telecom operators. This led to operators deploying Intel based vRAN.

Valerie represented Intel as the first chair/ co-chair/rapporteur in ETSI NFV, ETSI MEC, Open Edge Compute, ORAN (xRAN), Telco Infra Project (TIP), and Metaverse Standards Forum (Networking Requirements inclusive of sustainability).  Her vision also carries her into Wi-Fi and she participates and has been recognized in Wireless Broadband Alliance for her Converge Wireless contributions.  As the lead of Intel’s Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC) she developed Intel’s first edge software platform, the Network Edge Virtualization (NEV) SDK.

Her strategic nature caused her to kick start Intel/NEX’s’s private networks strategy and as such contributed and supported several technologies in private networks including implementing 5G programmable positioning, multi-access and AI work with partners to enable AI across different commercial areas inclusive of security including power grids, health and life sciences and campus technologies.

She has over 50 contributions into the industry, wrote several white papers, over a 100 patents, and has been on several panels, she strives to push end to end vision forward in all activities including working with Operators, Cloud, and Enterprises, understanding technical, and business challenges.