Arsalan Abtahi M.D.

Arsalan Abtahi M.D.

Founder and Chair, Symphony

Arsalan Abtahi is a dedicated medical professional who is deeply concerned about the impact of artificial urban environments , inadequate access to essential survival needs and the addiction-driven economy on our society’s well-being. 

He argues these factors contribute to various physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and societal disorders, disrupting the peace and wellbeing that individuals, communities, countries and regions strive for.

His mission is to transition human society from an Individualistic Transactional Type Society to a Collectivistic Community Type Society, prioritizing quality-oriented metrics and sustainability assessment tools over traditional quantity-oriented economic measures such as GDP.

Through his Intelligent Society Coaching Program (ISCP), Dr. Abtahi aims to coach top-tier government officials worldwide, empowering them to realize visions of a socially inclusive, environmentally sustainable, technologically advanced, and economically equitable future.

As the founder of ISSC Global Taskforce, he spearheads the establishment of Inclusive Sustainable Smart Cities, envisioning multicultural, total integrated ecosystems that foster Collectivistic Community Type Society and promote peace among diverse populations.

Dr. Abtahi’s approach involves leading a global transdisciplinary research efforts to identify correlations between socioeconomic, geopolitical, public health, and climate crises. By synthesizing key findings, he provides evidence-based policy recommendations aiming to mitigate crisis and promote peace and well being at both local and global levels.

In his role as Chair of the IEEE SA Working Group P7803, Dr. Abtahi is committed to setting a new global standard for urban design, crucial amidst ongoing geopolitical, environmental, economic, and societal challenges. This standard aims to enhance planetary well-being and reshape societal values, fostering healthy environments where peace thrives and individuals can flourish.

He has been appointed by the IEEE Society for Social Implications of Technology (SSIT) as a liaison to the Standards Committee for IEEE Smart Cities Initiative, IEEE Smart Villages as well as other related standards and Initiatives. His role involves facilitating standards development activities, coordinating and synergizing all Smart City-related initiatives and standards.

He demonstrates a strong commitment to humanitarian values, prioritizing the greater good over personal gain. He advocates for peace and justice and speaks out against injustice, always maintaining a principled stance.