Jae Hyung Yi, Ph.D. is Research Fellow at Devices and Materials Lab under CTO division at LG Electronics and has been pursuing technology trend-sensing in material and device areas and incubation of the potential future technologies including, but not limited to, clean technology and sustainability-related items. Based on the experience and expertise he recently served as one of the judges as a sustainability technology expert at the global event of LIFE’S GOOD AWARD with LG’s goal of envisioning a sustainable world. He received B.S. and M.S. in Materials Science and Engineering (Photonic materials) from Seoul National University (Seoul, South Korea) and Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering (Photonic/optoelectronic materials and devices) from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Cambridge, USA). During his Ph.D. he minored in Management and Business Administration from Sloan School, MIT. After getting his Ph.D degree he joined Electronic Materials business division at Dow Chemical (Massachusetts, USA) and has been involved in research areas of high efficiency semiconductor and lighting including LED and also renewable energy technologies based on solar cells as Lead Physicist and then shifted his role into business sector including business strategy and development, M&A, and marketing in electronic materials industry. After completing his study and career in US for 13 years he joined LG Electronics as Research Fellow in 2015.

Jae Hyung Yi

Research Fellow
LG Electronics